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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 20, 2010 6:00pm-6:20pm EST

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broth and jell-o. anything helps. 9news now at 6:00 p.m. starts right now. from the fist local station with news in high-definition, this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >> i don't know what could have happened to her. >> an elderly woman suffering from dimensia is taken for a very long ride by a metro access driver and tonight her family wants answers. 9news now learned two metro access drivers have been suspended without pay in connection with that incident. the woman's family says it took her five and a half hours to get her from an adult day-care center to her grandson's home which is just 10 minutes away. dave statter has a story you will see first on 9news now. >> reporter: today perry robinson is picking up his 88- year-old grandmother from the helping hands adult day-care center after she disappeared for many hours yesterday. >> doesn't make sense. >> reporter: the problem isn't with the adult day-care center it is with metro access. they picked up the grandmother
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and two others from helping hands about 4:10:00 p.m. >> she was gone for approximately five hours and a half. and from my house to the helping hand daycare it is about 10 minutes. >> reporter: when robinson came home last night and his grandmother wasn't there he called prince george's county police and somehow they found the metro access van at a gas station. >> there was a breakdown in communications between our drivers and dispatch. >> reporter: director of metro access service says this is not the level they operate at. >> they are suspended without pay. >> she has dimensia. i don't know what could have happened to her. >> reporter: because of his grand mother's dimensia perry says she can't tell him what happened during that long trip aboard metro access. >> my name is perry robinson.
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>> reporter: perry was frustrated by his phone calls to metro access. >> i need to know what happened to my grandmother. >> reporter: while the investigation is ongoing metro isn't providing any details on where the grandmother was at that time or what she was doing other than to say they have no information that anything criminal was going on dave statter, 9news now and >> they believe the service metro provides has improved greatly after a long series of complaints of poor service by its customers. breaking news we want to update now from prince george's county. sky 9 is still over the scene of a downed electrical tower on eagle harbor road. this is a darker shot of it. this is near highway 3381 in prince george's county. that road is still closed and workers do not know when they will be able to reopen it. we are told a dump truck veered off the road and slammed into a tower but there were no power outages or injuries to report. we have got a crew headed that way so stay with us for the
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very latest. now more on the aftermath in haiti. a powerful aftershock sent people screaming into the streets today. many of them jumped into water and onto boats to get out of the city. more buildings collapsing and more roads cracking. it was one of the strongest aftershocks following last week's quake. but there may be signs of hope today. food, water and medical supplies arrived. a welcome sight for hospital workers. >> harder when they come in conscious and begging to save them. and there is nothing we can do. >> reporter: in south florida dozens of earthquake survivors landed at homestead air reserve base. right now, 4000 more sailors and u.s. marines are on their way to help the more than 11,000 u.s. troops already on the ground. what would you do if you spent more than seven hours trapped in a collapsed building in haiti and finally made it home to dc?
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for a young alexandria couple the answer was simple. raise money and go back. bruce leshan is live at the local 16 bar and restaurant at 16th and u and north west where frank and villain thorpe are in the middle of a fund-raiser. more people behind you now, bruce. >> reporter: the place is starting to fill up. it is hard to talk about food when there are people starving in haiti but take a look at these prawns. this is the kind of thing that is in store for you here at local 16 if you come down, make a small donation. they have lots of drink specials. they have chicken wings. you can see the bar is heating up and those drinks look very, very good. this is all put together but frank and jillian thorpe and their take a look at the videotape. take a look at this wreckage closely because that is where jillian thorpe, 24 years old, was stuck for six, seven, eight
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hours in the rubble. there were three haitian workers at the mission she runs who heard her pleas for help and they pulled her out just an hour or so after her husband got there from another part of haiti, stuck his head in, pleaded with her to be okay. tried to get her out and finally after all that effort they did indeed get her out. and what they decided is they had to help these people. so that's what they are setting out to do. >> i'm just trying to come to terms with the fact that you survived and people didn't and that people risked their lives to save me and that i left and now i'm here and where does that leave me? >> we owe those people our lives. there is no way to express how much we owe those people because they left their families who have been injured and they left their homes who had been destroyed and they came and for seven or eight hours worked to get jillian out of the rubble.
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>> reporter: the party here at local 16, 16th and u goes on until 8:00 p.m. and another party going on at columbia firehouse in alexandria and it is your chance to contribute to really helping rebuild haiti in the long run. lesli? >> bruce, thank you for that report. let's hope they get a lot of support tonight. off the coast of port-au- prince the navy's floating hospital boat dropping anchor. our scott broom has been traveling with the medical staff on comfort. they will join teams from 30 other countries trying to treat the injured. about 250,000 people were hurt in the quake and groups say as many people have died for lack of medical care or adequate equipment and hundreds of family members are separated. >> doesn't know where his parents are. he has an older brother and he is alive. doesn't know if his parents are alive. >> very sad and i think we will see a lot of those issues right now. we will see parents not knowing where their kids are and kids not knowing where the parents
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are. >> make sure you tune into 9news now at 7:00 p.m. for scott broom's more comprehensive report on board the usn comfort. voters in massachusetts did not vote democratic last night. you probably know that. they chose a republican to fill the late ted kennedy's senate seat and now the democrats senate is busted. what does that mean for health care reform? senator-elect brown saying he is in favor of reform and ready to get to work. >> i think it is important for everyone to get some form of health care so to offer a basic plan for everybody i think is important. it is just a question of whether we will raise taxes, cut a half a trillion from medicare and affect veterans' care. i think we can do it better. >> the senator-elect will be in washington tomorrow. so-called white house gate crashers appeared on capitol hill today refusing to answer questions about their uninvited appearance at a state dinner. the salahis say they were
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assured by white house staffers and others that they were cleared into the november dinner. their attorney steven best says when they offered e-mails, phone records and more to congressional investigators to back up their story, that stuff was rejected. instead calling the couple in for what he called a public flogging. >> this was not part of a reality t.v. show, not part of a publicity stunt. they believe 100% believed in their hearts they were invited to the white house that night for an event. >> now, in this case obviously nothing happened. but we were lucky. what if we are not so lucky next time. >> a federal grand jury is still investigating. up next, a patient of the accused fort hood shooter speaks. saying there is no doubt he is
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terrorist. we have your forecast. >> 60 yesterday. 44 today. take out with live doppler. access this on the web at we see activity down to the south and west of us now. we will talk about how far north this activity gets tonight and we will talk about a second storm thursday night and friday. stay tuned.
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if the aftermath of the fort hood massacre a former patient of the accused shooter nad hast nadal hassan thought he was a terrorist.
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he was sent for treatment and the psychiatrist was nadal hassan. >> just like if you look at the pictures that have been done of him when he went into that grocery store he had a big smile on his face. you never saw that when he was a doctor. >> grumpy? >> very harsh stare. fire burning eyes as if he was disconnected completely from the patient. >> the medic said he never complained about him but he did repeatedly ask where his doctor was. he is accused of killing 14 people at the fort hood army base in texas. offering a reward for information that will help themself the carl deaner murder case. the 57-year-old arlington man was found dead along a street
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in arlington back on december 29th. police hope this hefty reward money turns up new leads. >> he was found early in the morning and he was the victim of a stabbing. his body was found in the middle of the roadway at 13th street and irvine. we are searching for details hoping there is a witness out there that saw something. >> if you have any information about the case call arlington county police. and something else from arlington county police for residents there. a flasher is on the prowl. stay tuned for more details on the area he is targeting. we will be back.
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nid hast. look at you.
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. police in arlington are on the lookout for a man who has been exposing himself to female joggers. it happened five times last week along the washington and old dominion trail. police say the man wears a ski mask or a hoodie to cover his
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face but no pants. each time he has targeted a female jogger running alone. police say if you have to go out, carry a cell phone and want you to be on the lookout for suspicious activity like lottery hanging out on the trail. more than 250 pounds of signed petitions. more than 41,000 of them in all. each one selected by the group dc votes. they are calling on the president to push for full voting rights in congress for people living in the district of columbia. >> calling on him to show really some increased leadership. to draw attention to the issue of dc voter rights and to help us educate americans, educate the world and pass the dc house voting rights act. >> organizers carted boxes of petitions to the union station post office and had them mailed to the white house. >> here is something pretty extraordinary. the fourth meteorite recovered
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in the state of virginia happened this week. we are on the story. >> literally an explosion went off. boom. the first thing i thought it was a book shelf fell on him. >> reporter: it is no bigger than the size of a mango. >> projectile came through the roof and hit the grounds here. >> reporter: it came down with such force it pushed ceiling tile underneath the carpet and cut into the concrete of the exam room. >> it was a significant ding. >> reporter: in the exact spot where these two often sit. >> this position is not that unusual. >> reporter: the doctor put the particles inside this box, trusted us to guard it and hand deliver it to the experts at the smithsonian museum of natural history. >> what do you know? it sure it. >> reporter: for this scientist
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and doctor, a special moment. >> i recollect this will be the fourth fall in virginia. it has got a fusion crust. this is what has happened after it passed through the atmosphere. it is passing very quickly through the atmosphere. >> reporter: the doctor tells us that it traveled through the atmosphere and crashed the evening office party as a high velocity. 223 miles per hour. >> 308 grams. >> reporter: a committee of scientists will officially recognize this meteorite. >> interesting. last observed fall in virginia on the record books was in 1924 and that meteorite fell in sharps, virginia. the meteorite is estimated to be more than 4.5 billion years old making it the same age as the earth. interesting. don't see one of those every day. >> meteors you see.
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they don't fall. and meteorites fall to the ground. mixed precipitation tonight. much better chance tomorrow night and into friday. here is your forecast first now. the next three days only 41 tomorrow. light rain develops probably around the evening rush or shortly thereafter. should kick to a mix at night and then could end as accumulating snow on friday. upper 30s on friday. very nice on saturday. we are back in the upper 40s with sunshine on saturday. there is a winter storm watch out to the west. it includes haggerstown, martinsburg and cumberland. primarily for thursday night into friday. here is the deal. one area of low pressure. primary low dying out. a secondary low develops. this type of a situation can be good for us if you are a snow lover


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